Discrimination; a social canker

Discrimination; a social canker

In the cause of ups and downs, life has many un­balances and bias situations that have brought many to tight corners that is destroy­ing the stages of progress and breeding dooms.

During a refracted form of peace and genuine thoughts, ideas and actions, the pres­sures of life has caused many to fall to the tricks of uncer­tainty and discrimination of every aspect of life.

There have been situations where people do not have the privilege to express their stands, feelings and support without biases although there is freedom of speech to every­one.

Man, in the wisdom of the creator was created without any form of indifference. Yet men opt to generate the root of differences amongst them­selves without any form of sympathy but rather hardship and sorrows to their fellows.

The world now has the heart of wickedness that seems to bear and breed bitterness in the minds and hearts of many. The insecuri­ty among fellow colleagues, friends and relatives is bleed­ing. Of which this has rooted into jealousy and aggres­siveness for selfish gains and luxury.

When the weak cries, the powerful rides on it to great­ness; our love for one another has no value nowadays which is causing more fear and panic in the world we live in.

At a point in time, one will no longer have the right to praise and cherish the good deeds achieved by their fellow members for transmis­sion of success and morals but rather there will be silence and suffering that will take place in the bosom of the then Meek’s heart.

And when the piano wails for help, the horns and trum­pets will sound the agony of pain, sorrow and bitterness that lead to hatred and dislike amongst our love. When this happens the strong then seem to zip the lips that play the sound from the horns and trumpets.

They rather compare the pains with rugs and broken jugs that cannot be mended and restored. Then the Meek who seems to be a lion fights bravely on the inside and sound like the “meow” of a cat on the outside.

And its strength is ridden upon as a horse that grows wings to fly above the sky without any discipline and principle. This tends to kill the ants that gather food for survival and dries up the blood of the mosquito that bites the body of man for survival.

If we do not take solid care of our actions toward preservation and persever­ance, the ice cubes that were frozen and has been of great benefits shall lose its value of coldness that chills and cools the heart of pain.

Then the canker of dis­crimination shall grow its wings and fly like never before.


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 By Berryvet Medenu

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