Don’t detach yourself from children — Parents living abroad told

Don’t detach yourself from children — Parents living abroad told

Ghanaian televangelist, Apostle Paul Kofi Agyekum, has asked parents and guardians living abroad not to detach themselves or stay away from their children and families back home.

Apostle Paul Agyekum, in an interview, disclosed that there were serious implications when parents left their children and family in Ghana to seek greener pastures overseas for a very long time without any communication or coming home.

The phone can be very helpful in communicating with them but there are issues which require a one-on-one conversation between parents and their children.

“It is also not advisable for a husband to stay away from the wife for years when he is outside the country,” he said.

Sharing his experience, he said that staying over 14 years abroad with his wife, while their two sons were living in Ghana, was never easy.

“The experience of leaving your family in Ghana for a period of more than 10 years is not an easy journey. Some experiences cannot be shared on camera but I wouldn’t advise anyone to separate or leave their children or wives somewhere and live elsewhere, if not for very important reasons. 

“Within the Christian context, it’s not proper,” he said making references to the examples of the Apostles in the Bible.

“Sometimes it’s because of financial constraints and difficulties, people are being forced to take steps which have a long effect on their lives and the society,” the man of God said.

Currently, Apostle Paul Agyekum and his wife are finally back in Ghana to reunite with their sons, Sampson Agyekum and Nana Kwaku Agyekum.

By Sampson Kofi Annin Agyekum

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