Don’t lose faith in God despite Coronavirus – Rev Tetteh

Don’t lose faith in God despite Coronavirus  – Rev Tetteh

The youth have been advised not to lose faith in God and presume that the world was coming to an end due to the upsurge of the deadly coronavirus disease.

The Founder and Leader of Drill Church International, Accra, Rev Juliet Tetteh, in an interview with The Spectator said the outbreak of the disease should serve as a lesson to the youth, draw them closer to God and help them to abandon the idea of chasing wealth irrespective of how they were acquired.

She asked the youth to look up to God for salvation since without God there was nothing they could do to attain success on earth.     

Rev Tetteh asked them to remember God’s promise that tough the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, his love would still remain with those who fear him.

She, therefore, urged the youth to eschew sexual immorality and pursue the path of holiness  because the devil was determined to lure Christians from the truth and lead their souls to perdition.

The woman of God advised couples to keep the marital bed pure from contamination since it was displeasing to God, adding that faithful men would abound with blessings.

She charged them to keep God’s commandments and walk in his ways.

Rev Tetteh asked them to work zealously for God because the devil would capitalise on their weaknesses and draw their hearts away.

She asked the youth to abandon the various means of getting rich quick, including ‘Sakawa,’  and all forms of idol worship because it would attract grave punishment from God.  

By Raymond Kyekye

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