Don’t use police to intimidate children – Chief Supt Tay

Don’t use police to intimidate children – Chief Supt Tay

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Parents have been cautioned against the use of the police to intimidate or threaten children, ostensibly to get them to do what is right.

The action,according to Chief Superintendent Seth Tay of the Tema Regional Police Command, was likely to take away their confidence in the police and also make the children see them (the police) as enemies.

Chief Superintendent Seth Taysaid this at a forumorganised by the St. Paul Methodist Cathedral, Tema last Sunday.

The programme sought to educate and throw light on Police arrests and prosecution of offenders vis-a-vis the offenders’ rights during the process.

It formed part of the Coordinat­ing Office of Social Services of the Church termed “know the law” forum.

According to Mr. Tay, children should be encouraged to see the po­lice as friends whom they could easi­ly run to when they have challenges, a situation he said was important for their safety and security.

He said some children have over the years been helpful in investiga­tion from their observations and dis­closure of information to the police, adding that“It has been significant in unravelling crime and that was why they should be drawn closer to the institution.”

He also encouraged the public to be law abiding to make the society a safe place to live.

Chief Superintendent Taycautioned the public against shielding people in their communities who were engaged on any form of criminal activities.

He said when a person was shield­ed, it emboldened them to commit more crimes and in the process en­danger the lives of every member of the community.

He noted that where a person was also arrested by the police on suspi­cion of any crime, it was important for them to be law-abiding and inter­act with the police politely instead of being hostile as that had not been helpful in some cases.

He assured the public that the police was there to serve them and so both should cooperate to make the society a better place.

Meanwhile, the Director of Kobi­ri-Wood and Associates, Mrs. Adelaide Kobiri-Woode has advised the public to learn about their basic rights as citizenson their own.

She said when this was done, they would be well equipped to deal with issues that could confront them and to understand the right measures to take.

She advised that much as people were arrested, they had the right to remain silent because whatever they said could be used against them in the law court.

Mrs. Kobiri-Wood stated that in cases where they were not satisfied with a verdict, they had the right to appeal.

She advised people todesist from physical confrontations with the po­lice even if they felt unfairly treated.

She encouraged persons who could not afford the services of lawyers to go to Legal Aid for assistance so that they would be better placed to understand issues.

 From DzifaTettehTay, Tema

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