Doomed to Failure series….  Watch your mouth Alice!

As soon as Esaaba left, Alice called Maureen. ‘Hey girl. What is this I hear about you and Martin? I introduced you to him because you said you needed someone like you to help you set up your processing plant. And knowing that you were already doing well with the sale of fruit juices, I thought he would be a great help. But I hear he’s now more than your consultant. You are always with him, living it up’.

‘Hey, Alice watch your mouth. And what if in the course of business we have become a little close? The guy is good-looking, and so easy to get attracted to. I couldn’t help it’ ‘Well, Esaaba has just been here, and she’s not amused at all. She’s going to put a stop to it’.

‘What’s she going to do? Shoot me? I hope you didn’t tell her about Mr. C and Mr. F’. ‘I didn’t tell her anything. But I was hoping you would tell me what is happening, especially since you have gotten Martin involved in your mess’. ‘You think I did that deliberately? Listen, I have fallen badly for that guy, and if it weren’t for the cur­rent, er, financial problems, I would fight to win him. But things are not going well, so I will wait for a while, before letting him know.

For now, I hope to continue seeing him’. ‘Don’t count on it. Esaaba will skin you alive. And let me tell you, Maureen, you were not honest with me. If I knew you had problems with money, that the capital for the pro­cessing plant was not coming from you but from two sugar daddies, I would never have introduced Martin to you.

As things stand, you have no mon­ey to pay him, unless of course you will find another sugar daddy very quickly. And from the look of things, you don’t have money to continue with the project. But Maureen, you have always been an intelligent, hardworking girl, so when did you get into this sugar daddy thing?’

‘It’s not my fault that I’m pretty, Alice. They are always there, and whichever way you turn, they insist on buying you everything. And just at the time that I really need money badly they chickened out. Idiots’. ‘So what actually happened. How come both of them abandoned you just at the most crucial time?’ ‘They got wind of what I was planning to do. I think they got alarmed by my demands for mon­ey. They are both rich, so I didn’t think a few thousand dollars at a time would bother them. I bought the land and made part payment for the equipment, then they froze payments. I didn’t under­stand then, but I now realise that they suspected that I was either financing a young guy, or prepar­ing to dump them, so they made discreet enquiries and found out I was building a plant, then they cut me off, right in the middle’. ‘Unfortunate, but you didn’t need to get involved with them in the first place. So, will you tell Martin or shall I tell him?’ ‘I don’t have the courage, so please do. Maybe he will agree to help me in the future’. ‘I will call him now, and let him know that the fling with you was doomed to failure’.

Martin stopped at the gate and greeted the security man politely. ‘Brother Martin, good morning. Esaa­ba is not in yet. She is normally here before eight. They must have been caught in traffic. So please park the car and wait at the reception. She will be here very soon’.

‘Okay boss’. I will wait in the car. I will be making some calls’. Martin had been having some serious thoughts since Esaaba gave her that brief but telling lecture. He wasn’t feeling too bad for having a fling with Maureen. That girl was a real bomb. But he felt stupid for falling for her charms, or tricks as he was realising.

She liked being pampered, but was that because she had been pampered as a child? Until Esaaba schooled her, he did not seem to find anything wrong with taking her round the fancy restaurants, eating all kinds of fancy stuff, when he and his buddies and, of course, Esaaba, were regular patrons of nice Ghanaian restau­rants.

Esaaba, of course, had always treated him to delicacies like apa­pransa, epitsi, etor and others. And how come he had been able to virtu­ally relegate Esaaba to second place, whilst showering time and affection on Maureen? Maureen was certainly beautiful and very charming, but Esaaba was the real queen, easily streets ahead in looks, intelligence and confidence. And she had a lot of time for Martin.

He had come to kneel down and beg her, and promise never to do that again. He saw her get out of the car and walk past his car, heading for the entrance. Then their eyes met. ‘Martin! Is everything okay?’ ‘No, not at all?’ ‘Ei! What’s happening?’ I hope nobody is hurt?’ ‘No, nothing of the sort. I just had to see you’. She walked silently with him to her of­fice, opened the door and of­fered him a seat and sat down’. ‘I’m all ears. You gave me the impression that some­thing has gone badly wrong’. ‘I just came to say that I am very sorry for my recent behaviour. I am really sorry. I cant explain my behaviour. But please, Esaaba, I was never going to leave you. You mean just too much to me’. ‘Okay, I accept your apology. You really hurt me. But I love you too much, and I know you also care for me, so let’s look forward. But let me ask, what did you see in that girl? Is she better-looking, or better in any other way, than me?’ ‘Certainly not! You know, she was always very flirtatious, pretending she was so vulnerable and need­ed me around, and all that. I was a little flattered that someone seemed to be all over me, but there was never a time when I thought of leaving you for her.

Please, never think that. I am really very sorry. This will never happen again. I’m glad you brought me back to my senses when you sat me down and lectured me. You know, for the first time I had started working for a client with­out asking her to sign a contract and making a down payment. I have been very, very foolish’. ‘Okay, you have learnt a lesson, and our relationship is still intact. Let’s look forward’. ‘Haven’t we looked forward enough? Why don’t we do what we’ve been preparing to do all along?’ ‘You mean get married?’ Martin nodded, and Esaaba broke into tears of joy. ‘Let me call my parents.

By Ekow De Heer

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