Dr. Obaid Chaudhry Pushes the Envelope Rather than Adhering to Outdated Industry Procedures

<strong>Dr. Obaid Chaudhry Pushes the Envelope Rather than Adhering to Outdated Industry Procedures</strong>

Aesthetic procedures are all the rage now, as people seek solutions to problems that they wish to address within their bodies. The age of social media has shone a spotlight on many people’s insecurities, and to fit into this digital era, people have opted for cosmetic procedures.

For a very long time, these procedures were considered vain and were accompanied by a lot of stigmas. This slowed down innovation in the industry, but with acceptance rising, it has given way to new technologies and solutions.

Dr. Obaid Chaudhry has been in the industry long enough to identify areas that need a lift. He explains that industries grow from innovation, and that is what he brings to the table. Dr. Chaudhry dedicates time to discovering new ways to solve a problem in the human body. Dr. Chaudhry pioneered cutting-edge aesthetic procedures like the Smooth Sculpt Process and SmoothSculpt BBL.

In a different twist to the popular procedure, liposuction, Dr. Chaudhry has found a way to conduct full-body lipo. Lipo360/BBL basically focuses on the whole body instead of just one area, and it is all done with the patient wide awake. The BBL’s conducted by Dr. Chaudhry also differ in that he has developed a new technique where there is no need for syringes. Dr. Chaudhry explains that the goal is to provide the safest procedure to clients and achieve the best aesthetic result.

Dr. Chaudhry also performs other aesthetic procedures, including rhinoplasty and breast augmentation, at his Be That Beautiful Plastic Surgery Center in Beverly Hills. His passion for patient care, anatomy, and helping people of all ages achieve their ideal bodies has motivated him to keep pushing the envelope on existing procedures. 

Growth is crucial in every industry, and Dr. Chaudhry is reshaping the plastic surgery industry with cutting – edge aesthetic procedures. He is extensively published in cosmeticsurgery journals and inspires a new generation of surgeons.

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