Dzaasetse of Asere Kotopong underscores significance of traditional rulers

Dzaasetse of Asere Kotopong underscores significance of traditional rulers

Dzaasetse of Asere Kotopong, Nii Amarkai III has underscored the significance of traditional rulers in the country, focusing more on development than spending so much on disputes.
According to him, many chiefs in the country were “wasting” valuable resources on legal issues relating to chieftaincy disputes, describing it as totally needless.

The renowned traditional ruler gave the advise over the weekend when he met some chiefs within the Ga State in Accra shortly after arriving for the United States of America (USA).

He said “let us place some respect on chieftaincy in this jurisdiction especially, by ensuring we make it a priority to stop fighting over certain issues. Let us remain united against poverty and underdevelopment by shifty focus from disputes.”

“The monies spent on court cases could be invested and spent on scholarships for needy people. It is time for our chiefs to become more productive than ever,” he added.

Nii Amarkai revealed that so far his outfit had provided scholarship to more than 200 young people to study nursing and Information Communication Technology (ICT).

He said education would continue to remain one of his topmost concerns for the youth, adding that but for a scholarship he received from a philanthropist after losing his parents when he was just nine years old, he would not have grown to become a successful literate and leader “this is the reason why I am very passionate about education, I believe strongly that it is a tool that can liberate people from poverty.”

Touching on the need parents to also contribute their quota towards adding values to the lives of their children rather than spending money on funerals and other social activities, he reiterated that an investment the education of children was crucial as it laid the foundation for their future success, helps develop critical thinking skills, fosters personal growth, and contributes to the overall well-being and progress of society.


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