Early mistakes in relationships that should be avoided

Early mistakes in relationships that should be avoided

The early stages is a relationship is usually the most fun and rosy part, as everyone is excited about being in love and feeling loved by someone else.

Putting your personal life on hold

During the early days of a relationship, a lot of plans are shelved by both parties so as to bring the compromise needed to coexist. But regardless of the plans and compromise, you should never put your life’s plan on hold. This can lead to frustration for you in the long run.

Moving too fast

You start to feel all excited and want to fast-track some things like wedding plans, meeting his friends etc. If you force your partner to rush some things, you are setting yourself up for eventual failure.

Ignoring red flags

If you notice some things about your new partner, draw his attention to it and let the person know you are not comfortable with that. Don’t ever ignore red flags or hope that they would eventually change.

 Bringing old habits to new relationships

There is never a perfect human being in the world, so if you think it is only you that should be loved with your flaws then you are yet to grow into an adult. If your previous relationship ended because you are a spendthrift, then is it reasonable to bring that same habit to the new one?

 Not being your true self

If you earn GH¢1,000 a month, please spend your money in the best way you deem fit. You don’t need to impress her so that she will stay with you. If she does not love you and your honest earnings, then what are you doing with her after all? Be calm and remain your true self?

Trying to impress everyone

Because you do not want your guy or lady to be vexed, instead of you saying no to a certain request, you jumped and said yes. You are setting yourself for an eventual failure in the relationship.

 Making up excuses

If you see your partner misbehaving, you don’t have to make up an excuse for their behaviour. Tell them they are wrong and let them know your side of the issue. And if they don’t, please find a way out. A bad partner from the start can only go worse.

There are other pointers  that an early relationship faces, but do not ignore the above points.

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