Eight medical doctors graduate from Accra College of Medicine

Eight medical doctors graduate from Accra College of Medicine

• The overall best female student Nana Afua Boma Owusu-Sekyere (right) receiving

her award from Prof Afua Adwo Jectey Hesse. Photo. Vincent Dzatse

 A Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Professor Clifford Nii Boi Tagoe, has called on medical students or young doctors to take interest in affairs of this country.

Referencing CP Snow’s “Two Cultures”, Prof Nii Boi Tagoe cited that scientists had left public affairs too much in the hands of those in the Arts or Humanities.

“I urge that we balance this equation with more of us with a scientific turn of mind. I would, therefore, ask all of you young doctors to take a healthy interest in the public affairs of this country. In my considered view, that is the only way we can rescue our country from lopsided development, or more appropriately, decline,” he cautioned.

The former VC was address­ing some medical students of the Accra College of Medicine (ACM), during its 3rd Congre­gation ceremony held in Accra last Saturday.

He, therefore, informed the students that their spirit of self­lessness would be taxed, con­sidering the present economic situation; expensive rate of drugs, laboratory investigations and medical treatments.

He again noted that the development in public affairs of the country, did have seri­ous implications for medical practice and it was his hope, that when the students’ spirit of Heart-Power was called for, they wouldn’t be found want­ing.

“You are entering the pro­fession and, indeed, the world of work at a very difficult time not only in the country, but the world as a whole. Therefore, bear in mind, that the world judges a society as civilised, depending on how that society treats its poor and vulnerable class,” he said.

Prof Nii Boi Tagoe tasked them to be open and honest in their course of practice since things could go wrong unex­pectedly.

“There is so much litigation going on. You get sued whether you took a particular decision or not. Get your procedures right, remember your stan­dard operating procedures, document everything honest­ly and openly and make sure you apply your knowledge for good always, “ he advised.

Giving a valedictorian speech on behalf of the students, Nana Afua Boma Owusu – Sekyere forewarned her colleagues to keep their shortcomings in mind since medicine is a noble profession.

Graduating students who performed exception­ally well in their academics were honoured as well as some lecturers.

Nana Owusu – Sekyere and Joshua Osei – Bonsu, both received five awards includ­ing Accra Medical Centre’s Overall Best Female and Male Students respectively. The other students were also awarded as well.

Present at the ceremony was the Dean of the Univer­sity of Ghana Medical School, Prof Alfred Edwin Yawson, representing the Vice Chancel­lor of the University of Ghana as well as other distinguished guests.

The ceremony was on the theme, “Building Resilience in Medical Education Post COVID-19.”

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