Elder Samuel Anini’s achievements

Elder Samuel Anini’s achievements

Elder Samuel Anini, Church of Pentecost, Finland

Today, Elder Samuel Yaw Anini is my focus on personalities and their accomplishments as members of the Ghanaian Diaspora in Finland.

Elder Anini is a well-re­spected senior member of the Ghanaian community in Finland. He is a man of many hats—an Elder of The Church of Pentecost in Finland (COP), an astute entrepreneur, a former President and cur­rently a Patron of the Ghana Union Finland (GUF), which is an association of the Gha­naian migrant community in Finland.

He moved to Finland in 1996 and lived in Oulu, a city in the northern part of Finland. Before he travelled to Finland, Elder Anini worked with the Ghana Police Ser­vice, and once in Finland, he furthered his education. He later started a restaurant with some friends he met in that school, including a Paki­stani, a Bangladeshi, and an Indian, with whom he studied the same course.


It is only fair to give to readers Elder Anini’s accom­plishments. As I wrote the last time, I recount accomplish­ments as part of the success stories of the personalities of Ghanaian descent in Finland to highlight their exploits both within the Ghanaian migrant community and in the wider Finnish society.

In July last year, Elder Anini received an award at the prestigious Predecessors Awards 2023 (Europe Edition), which is given to deserving individuals for their leader­ship roles. Indeed, Elder Anini and the late Sir Wilberforce Essandor, a versatile senior statesman, who was awarded posthumously at that cere­mony, are arguably among people regarded as the pillars in the Ghana Union Finland and the Ghanaian migrant community as a whole. (Sir Wilberforce, who was the oth­er Patron of the Union, died in May 2021).

Elder Anini’s other ac­complishment involves a feat which was rare at the time it was accomplished, and he duly received the recogni­tion. That is, he became the first Black or African migrant in Oulu to establish his own company. This attracted so much media attention and he was featured extensively in Finnish newspapers.


In spite of his busy working life and other commitments, Elder Anini is someone who takes his religious life serious­ly. He is currently a national executive member of The Church of Pentecost in Fin­land (COP).

He was previously the Presiding Elder and until recently, he was the national Secretary of the church.

Indeed, Elder Anini has been one of the pioneers when The Church of Pentecost in Finland was established about 20 years ago, started in September 2000 as a prayer group with a small number of devoted persons in Helsinki.

He plays a key role in the English Assembly (or the PIWC) of The Church of Pente­cost in Helsinki, which is at­tended by other nationalities and African migrants, aside Ghanaian migrants. The other branch is the Akan Assembly where worship is done mostly in the Twi language.


As already mentioned, El­der Anini opened a restaurant with his student colleagues but the restaurant was closed as they all found other work schedules.

Elder Anini then worked at two other places, including the K-Market group, which is a chain shopping outlet main­ly dealing with groceries. The Finnish owner of the K-Market became his very good friend and a father-figure and they have kept close contact till today. He has even visited Ghana with the Finnish busi­nessman, which indicates a highly positive relationship.

Elder Anini later estab­lished his own cleaning company in 1999. It was indeed a first for an African/ Ghanaian migrant (‘foreign­er’) to achieve that feat. As I have mentioned already, it was such a novelty that the Finnish newspapers gave him much publicity as the first ‘foreigner’ to start his own cleaning company.

His cleaning company has employed over 40 people, made up of mostly Ghana­ian migrants and others, as employees. He also gives sub-contracts to other Gha­naian migrants with their own cleaning companies.

Through such moves, Elder Anini helps other Ghanaian migrants to earn a decent liv­ing. As he explained, he em­ploys people because “it gives me joy to help, knowing that it will be a blessing to them.” The company, Sam-siivouspal­velu/Samphones, also deals in the sale of mobile phones in Ghana.

In addition, he has a real estate company in Ghana, known as SamAnini ESTATE.


Elder Anini has been very active in the Ghanaian com­munity. He is still very active in the Ghana Union Finland, and has chaired many func­tions organised by the Union, as a non-governmental organi­sation for the Ghanaian mi­grant community in Finland.

As mentioned earlier, Elder Anini is currently the Patron of the Ghana Union Finland. He is also a former President of the Union.

Elder Anini has been a counsellor and mentor who has guided many young Gha­naian migrants on their career paths.

He now lives in Vantaa (in the greater Helsinki Metro­politan area) with his wife and their four children, one of whom is an accomplished footballer who plays for one of the top Finnish football teams (I hope to write about him in due course). Thank you!

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