Embracing natural hair to enhance beauty, save money

Embracing natural hair to enhance beauty, save money

In today’s beauty landscape, the glamour of natural hair has taken centre stage, captivating women of all ages with its elegance and authen­ticity.

Beauty, as the saying goes, lies in the eyes of the beholder.

However, it is not solely defined by facial and bodily features but also by one’s natural hair. Embracing natural hair brings out its inherent beauty, showcasing its unique strands and textures.

The transition to natural hair has been prompted by the damag­ing effects of hair perming creams, which often lead to breakages, hair loss, shrinkage, and weight loss.

Women, recognising the damage caused by such products, have shifted away from chemical treatments, opting instead for natural hair­styles that ex­ude confidence and grace.

Once consid­ered a relic of the past, natural hairstyles have experienced a renewal in popu­larity, particular­ly among young women. Reviving old-fashioned natural hairstyles has become a trendy choice, with individ­uals proudly showcasing their authen­ticity through their hair.

This revival has sparked a compe­tition among stylists, each vying to leave their mark on hairstyles and demonstrate their expertise.

Fashion hair artisans have also embraced natural hair on runways, featuring models rocking various natural hairstyles with confidence and elegance.

Moreover, maintaining natural hair comes with economic benefits. Forgoing expensive chemical treatments saves money, and individuals with natural hair are sought after for advertise­ments promoting natural hair products.

Despite the challenges of maintaining natural hair, such as the stress of detangling and styling, solutions abound. Natural hair products are available to soften and ease combing and braiding without stress. Additionally, maintain­ing a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and regular trim­ming contribute to the health and vitality of natural hair.

Various natural herbs, such as sunflower, cloves, rose­mary, and spices, can be used to create homemade oils, offering a natural alternative to commercial products.

 By Georgina Boadiwaa Ntim

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