Emotional bypass surgery – Part 4

Within the brain Emotional Surgery enriches a diversi­ty of functions, including our ability to focus, learn, memorise and make logical decisions and choices

It services our psycho­logical health, recalibrates our emotional brain circuits, paving way for us to navi­gate through our social and psychological encounters with cruise control buttons activated or in activation.

Emotional Surgery is a great blessing for Ghana, Africa and the entire world, consoling neurochemical bath that mollifies painful memories and a virtual reality space in which the brain melds past and pres­ent knowledge, inspiring creativity.

Emotional Surgery kicks the brain into high speed rhythmic gears and engag­es the Central Command Centres to aid soma compu­tations successfully without struggle. It defragments the brain by debugging the mind and promotes flexible per­formance capabilities within the cranium.

To understand Emotional Surgery, you must be a vi­sionary with very high level of unmatched uniqueness, wisdom, understanding and integrity–one whose level of wisdom and understand­ing transcends beyond the quest for the colour of love, wisdom, truth, understand­ing and intelligence.

Emotional Surgery disarms and controls the genesis of some known and unknown non-communicable diseases, reduces anxi­ety and disease. It plays a major role in helping cure pain according to the laws of Neurokinetics Aesthetics Engineering and Cognitive Surgery.

It initiates idea creation into reality without any tas­sels – a dynamic seed of cre­ative intelligence. It takes deep thinking esoteric and the exoteric to convert this novel concept into flexible performance capability.

Emotional Surgery was created to keep your mental software focused to enable you attain higher heights in any field of discipline. It engineers perfect neuro cir­cuitry build-ups to respond to the demands of human expectations.

It is a citadel of wisdom, understanding and creative intelligence superseding neuroscience, psychology, rocket science, engineering and all the structures of academia.

Emotional Surgery ini­tiates deep thinking and brain storming to remedy challenges irrespective of the field of discipline. It negotiates with the brain cells- the neurons within the cranium to rectify the situation.

It does engineer highly complex soma computations that enable neural circuitry formation which further creates unique platforms for novel ideas to be formed and created. Emotional Surgery supersedes every level of discipline in the academia.

It is the single most effective bloodless surgery that can reset our brain and restore body health each day. Emotional Surgery serves as a scientifically ac­curate intervention address­ing this unmet most holistic need.

This invention proves that it could potentially be used as a novel early diag­nostic litmus test to under­stand which type of de­mentia an individual would develop.

By Robert Ekow Grimmond-Thompson

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