Environmental protection is necessary

One area that Ghanaians must pay attention to is how to care for and protect the environment in order to sustain it for the present and future generations.

It is the environment that gives us the needed space within which to operate and plan all programmes for the benefit of society. If the environment is not sustained, the lives of future generations will be threatened.

Again, if the environment is not well kept the present generation will also not be able to survive.

It is for this reason that issues such as environmental degradation, irresponsible mining, air pollution and the use of chemical to destroy the environment must be given serious attention, so as to ensure continuous survival of everyone in the country.

It is not only Ghanaians who should care about protection of the environment. Countries the world over are also expected to do same.

In Ghana today, the environment is being destroyed in a very irresponsible manner. Gutters are choked because of the irresponsible behaviour of residents who keep on throwing garbage in to them and drains.

Finding ourselves in the rainy season, these drains and gutters are now choked, causing over flow of water and filt into residential areas to destroy lives and property. These things must stop immediately and to be able to stop it, people have to be prosecuted.

The country must resort to rigid implementation of our environmental laws and bye-laws to serve as a deterrent to all those who are causing mayhem as far as environmental degradation is concerned.

The patriotic duty being performed by the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Honourable Henry Quartey, is a worthy task that must be supported by each and every responsible person in this country. Similarly, environmental degradation caused by the activities of “galamsey” operators must be halted immediately.

Ghana is a beautiful country whose environment must be protected and all hands must be on deck. The forests, rivers, minerals, atmosphere and so on should be adequately protected for the present and future generations.

This is important because the environment is one of the greatest assets which nature has given us to manage.

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