EPA, control noise pollution

Pollution in society comes in various forms such as the pollution of rivers, atmosphere, the environment and many others.

One form of pollution that is quite disturbing is what disturbs the ear, usually referred to as noise pollution.

Noise pollution comes in various forms which includes excessive noise from artisans who are engaged in building and construction in various parts of the country. The noise created through the raising of voices as well as the use of excessively noisy machines becomes so worrying that it makes life very unpleasant.

The loud microphones also used by people in market places and at worship centres to attract attention are all part of noise pollution. Noise pollution, therefore, comes from various sources and tends to have disastrous effects on people.

The negative effects of noise pollution include disturbance of the ear drum which may later cause hearing problems in people. Excessive noise making also disturbs the heart as well as other organs in the body, according to health experts.

What this means is that excessive noise making or noise pollution is not good for the health of everyone in society, therefore, every effort will have to be made to prevent its effects on society.

The law enforcement agencies will have to work extra hard to help bring this unpleasant situation under control.

In this regard, The Spectator is calling on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to pay attention to the control of noise pollution as this will help preserve the good health of the people.

Laws on the environment and noise pollution exist so the EPA as an institution of state must go the extra mile to ensure that all the laws and bylaws are effectively enforced for the prevalence of sanity in all parts of the country.

This is an issue that cannot be joked with so the laws on noise pollution must be adhered to by all people and organisations in the country to promote good health and sanity for all.

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