Eric Jeshrun returns with ‘Fresh Fire’

Eric Jeshrun returns with ‘Fresh Fire’


After years of absence from the Ghanaian music scene to at­tend to family needs in Canada, Eric Jeshrun has returned to active music.

The gospel music gem is back with anointing-filled song dubbed ‘Fresh Fire’ released on Friday.

His new single which is a chant song is aimed at propelling people to the top of their aspirations.

Speaking to The Spectator, Eric Jeshrun said it has been challenging to halt his busy schedules as an artiste to attend to the needs of his family.

“As an artiste, you are always on the road and the field to make things happen, and to take some time off, and bring your musical activities to a halt, was a challenging decision, however, thank God I’m back to what I love,” he said.

Eric Jeshrun subse­quently urged music lov­ers to tap the blessings which come with the anointing-in­spired song composed within the period of his break.

“Fresh Fire is one of the songs I received during my si­lent moments in Canada, and I want to share it with the whole world,” he said.

He urged all those who have missed his ministry to share the life-changing song from his repertoire with the rest of the world.

 By Edem Mensah-Tso­torme

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