Essential tips to foster love and respect in your marriage

Essential tips to foster love and respect in your marriage

• Help each other

Help her with the daily chores

Nothing is more potent in showing love than helping your lady with her daily tasks.

When you notice what your wife needs help her with it. You can actually even do something simple such as putting away the dishes or folding the laundry .It shows that you care.

This gesture of yours will show love and respect in marriage with a woman.

If it’s something you don’t have to do or something you aren’t expected to do, a husband giving service shows that he is giving of his time and energy to make her load easier.

Ask his opinion

Whether you are a man or a woman, it is essential to love and respect each other in a relationship. But, for most men, respect is more important than love. A man feels valued and respected when his thoughts are valu­able to you.

Wives, don’t make all the decisions with your children and make the house on your own. Ask his opinion.

Even if he agrees with your thoughts, the fact that you asked him shows you respect and value his input. He feels like an integral part of your life, as well.

To be continued

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