Even Satan was and still is not gay

Even Satan was and still is not gay

Satan or the Devil is no stranger to us and in fact the name Satan or the Devil is synonymous with evil, wicked, dangerous, unholy and what have you.  

Right from children to adults, everybody is aware of the existence of Satan or Devil and nobody wants to be associated with that name because it is not something to be proud of.

Bible makes us to understand in Genesis Chapter 3 that Satan approached Eve and chatted with her to convince her to go against the instructions of God.  An interesting question arises as to why Satan did not approach Adam but instead approached Eve who by the way was naked, and not Adam who was also naked. 

This raises several interesting points for academic discussions and depending on which point of view you take, can be fascinating in the light of current national discussion regarding the phenomenon of homosexuality. 

Some people are of the view point that even Satan was not gay since he was attracted by the sheer beauty of Eve hence his desire to go to her first to chat with her in order to convince her to go against God.

Again in Genesis chapter 6:2 the Bible says”…the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took them wives of all which they chose.”  These were the fallen angels who teamed up with Satan to rebel against God and came down to earth. 

When they came down and saw the ladies on earth, they realised what they had been missing in heaven, not to sound blasphemous and were attracted to them and decided to marry them. 

Even rebellious angels were not gay and did not consider homosexuality  a good thing they should engage in, so why should humans created in the image of God even dream about such an evil, senseless and disgusting act?    

This gay and lesbian and the whole LGBTQI phenomenon is something that is so sad and the people who are engaged in it are obviously, mentally very sick.

In one of my articles I made a statement to the effect that if you see a person, taking food from the gutter and eating it with glee, you do not have to possess a degree in psychology to know that there is something very wrong with the mind of that person. 

I am yet to see a he goat or a male dog so filled with lust that it goes to have sex with another he goat or male dog.  It is common knowledge that gay people wear pampers.  Pampers are supposed to be worn by children who are designed to soil themselves during the early stages of their development. 

After a few years, they are no longer given pampers to wear because they can attend to call of nature on their own.  Why anyone would want to continue in the ridiculous activity of homosexuality still beats my imagination.

It is believed that people engaged in homosexuality pick up this habit at an early age especially in their adolescent years.  If this is the case, then our agencies responsible for content of films on TV and various media outlets have to be extra vigilant because, the idea of man and man as well as woman and woman making love is subtly being promoted through cartoons, movies, videos etc.  

Everything possible must be done to ensure that young people are not hoodwinked into believing that homosexuality is an acceptable way of life.  It never was and never will be because it is an abomination to God and it was for its prevalence in Sodom and Gomorrah that led to their destruction by God according to the Bible.

Some people are trying to justify homosexuality on the basis that some people have a different sexual orientation but nothing like that has been scientifically proven.  It cannot, therefore, be said to be a human rights issue as the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights upheld years back.

Just as someone cannot claim that he or she was born a thief and, therefore, must not be found guilty after stealing, same is the case for someone claiming that he was born a homosexual and  must be set free when caught engaging in it in Ghana.  

Every nation has its culture and that must be respected by our development partners and they must not try to blackmail our leaders into accepting a culture that is alien to the African and the Ghanaian to be specific. 

Again everybody knows that when we say marriage, it is the union between a man and a woman and we must not tolerate the adulteration of that word to mean anything different. 

The funny thing is that the people who make the argument about human rights are themselves guilty of flouting the human rights of children, by putting in place legislation that allows homosexuals to adopt babies in countries such as France, thereby depriving children the choice of knowing that, it is not normal for two men or two women to become a family and have children in the process.

What must be advocated, is the prevention of hatred towards people suspected to be homosexuals and that people must not take the laws into their own hands in dealing with such people.  Just as we do not attack mad people, in the same vein we should not attack people suspected of homosexuality. 

They rather deserve our sympathies and ways of offering counseling services must be sought for them instead of attacking them.   The nation must put its support behind the coalition against homosexuality in Ghana so that a clear message would be sent to those practising it and those about to engage in it, is to have a change of mind.

We hear of stories of Pastors who have slept with other people’s wives and have been caught and they claim that it was the Devil who tempted them.  This is something I do not accept and I believe it is simply a lack of self-discipline. 

Since we do not know what happens in the spiritual realm, let us give them the benefit of doubt that Satan, indeed, tempted them. 

If that is the case then it means Satan himself has looked at something and has been attracted by it in the woman and has concluded that he can focus the Pastor’s mind on the same thing to cause him to fall into temptation.  Conclusion is that even Satan is not gay so why should a human created in the image of God be gay?

Laud Kissi-Mensah

The writer is a social commentator

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