Exclusive Interview with COVID-19 Frontliner Alex L.J.

Exclusive Interview with COVID-19 Frontliner Alex L.J.

Life is a series of events that are often unpredictable. One thing that has hit us all without warning has been the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Many lost their lives, and many lost their livelihoods. However, like in other aspects of life, there were exceptions in this calamity. Some people were able to change their life for the better during the pandemic. Alex L.J., a serial entrepreneur from Italy, turned around his fortunes by setting up a business to meet the demands of the COVID-ravaged European market. In this interview, he shares his success story.

Q. Could you tell us a little about your background, Alex?

A. I am an Italian of Chinese origin. I studied in Canada and China. I dropped out of college. Since childhood, I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Q. Tell us a little about your businesses.

A. I manage multiple businesses. I offer my services as a consultant to clients. I run a brokerage firm as well. My clients are in Europe and China.

Q. Tell us about your experience during the pandemic.

A. The pandemic was a tough time for most businesses. I saw many businesses shut shop. But things worked differently for me. Initially, it was tough. My existing ventures took a beating, and that’s when I decided to do something new.

Q. People usually start businesses when the time is right. But you did the opposite. How did you make this decision?

A. Yes, my decision to start new looks silly or illogical when you look at it superficially. However, if you look at it with a calm state of mind, anyone would agree that my decision was logical and timely. My new venture was born during the COVID times and out of the needs that the pandemic created. During the pandemic, people needed gloves and masks. Thanks to the robust networks I built during all these years, I could quickly put together a supply chain through which I could supply top-quality gloves and masks to the European market.

Q. What are your plans?

A. I have learned that life can change at any moment, and opportunities can knock on your door at any time. I have become more alert to the ever-changing nature of our world.Going forward, I would apply these insights to grow my businesses.

Alex L.J. is not just a COVID frontliner; with his sharp business acumen, he has undoubtedly proved himself to be a COVID headliner as well.

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