Expressing gratitude and love on Mother’s Day

 Dear Editor,

I am writing to commend all mothers across the globe for their endless love and support in ensuring the comfort of their children and families.

I am reminded of the tre­mendous influence mothers have on our lives and the significance of honouring and recognising them as Mother’s Day draws near. Mothers are the hidden heroes of the family; they sacrifice a lot and put the needs of others above their own as they labour dili­gently to give their children love, support, and direc­tion.

Let’s take a moment on Mother’s Day to honour mothers and their unwav­ering love and selflessness. They provide us consola­tion during difficult times, encouragement during our successes, and a shoulder to cry on at all times. They certainly are unique and irreplaceable in our lives because of their constant dedication and uncondition­al affection.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to all mothers worldwide for the immense selflessness they exhibit on a daily basis. We are inspired and shaped into the people we are to­day by your love, tenacity, and fortitude. Let’s express our gratitude and admi­ration for everything that mothers do on Mother’s Day and every day.

I want to express my grat­itude to all the mothers, grandmothers, stepmoth­ers, foster mothers, and other mother figures for their unwavering sacrific­es, love, and support. Our families and communities genuinely revolve on your love. Cheers to Mother’s Day!

Elizabeth Agyeibea Ackon,


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