Florida caterer sued for allegedly serving marijuana-laced food at

 A woman who attended a wedding in Florida is suing the event’s caterer, accusing her of serving guests food laced with “poisonous” levels of marijuana.

According to a lawsuit filed Monday, Virginia Ann Taylor-Svoboda said she suffered “severe, permanent injuries” after Joycelyn Bryant of Joycelyn’s Southern Kitchen Inc. reportedly al­lowed food to be infused with harmful levels of cannabis.

Taylor-Svoboda’s lawsuit argues she had no idea the wedding’s food contained marijuana, resulting in her suffering from “marijuana poisoning.” She is accusing Bryant of negligence, and her lawsuit seeks more than $30,000 in damages.

“(Bryant) knew, or should have known, that allowing the food served by (Joycelyn’s Southern Kitchen) to be laced with marijuana was reasonably likely to cause injuries and damages to wedding guests,” Taylor-Svoboda’s lawsuit states.

On Feb. 19, a wedding reception turned to chaos after Seminole Coun ­ty Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived to find guest complaining of feeling “high.” One guest told deputies that he felt like he “had drugs inside him” after only consuming food and wine.

When authorities showed up, first responders were already treating sev­eral sick guests, and a few attendees were sent to a hospital.

A female guest reportedly told officials that the food was laced with marijuana. Another guest said that he was feeling “ill and high,” according to the report, and that he wanted to press charges against the people re­sponsible for possibly lacing his food.

Samples of food served at the event were sent to a lab for testing. Lab results revealed lasagna and bread tested positive for THC, an active ingredient in marijuana.

Bryant was charged with violating the Florida Anti-Tampering Act, deliv­ery of marijuana and culpable negli­gence in April, according to the report from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. The bride also faces several charges including tampering with food and delivering marijuana.

Source: yahoonews.com

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