Fox rescued from between walls of home, garage

Animal rescuers in Britain said a fox was rescued from the narrow gap between the external walls of a house and its garage.

RSPCA inspector Andrew Kirby said he was summoned to a home in Worthing, England, when the homeowners discovered the young animal trapped in a difficult position.

“I suspect she was walking along the top of the wall when she fell into the gap and got stuck. The gap was only around 6 inches and the more she wriggled the more wedged in she got,” Kirby said.

“The owner of the house managed to make a small hole in the wall and removed a couple of the bricks to reveal her little head but she was still stuck fast,” he said.

Kirby said he broke away more of the wall and extracted the fox.

“The family suspect she’d been stuck for more than 24 hours so we fed her and watered her and confined her in the garden overnight in the hope that her mum would return to collect her,” he said.

Kirby said the fox’s mother did not return by the next day, so the cub was taken to The Fox Project for care.

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