From Escort to Esquire – Chief Inspector Nancy Paintsil Esq tells intriguing story 

From Escort to Esquire – Chief Inspector Nancy Paintsil Esq tells intriguing story 

She writes

Where do I start my story from? The fact that I completed SSS with only 3 passes or the fact that I was enlisted into the Ghana Police Service as an escort (a person who cannot read and write)?

It takes the special grace of God for a girl from Breman Asikuma who was always in the top 3 positions from class 1 to JSS 3 but suddenly dropped in grades in SSS for reasons only God knows to find herself again bagging academic laurels and that is my story. 

Did I ever dream of becoming a Lawyer? Yes. But did I ever think it was doable? No. 

I have been mocked at, framed up, rejected, teased, insulted, laughed at, ignored, and challenged all my life but I have triumphed every time because I am that light Matthew 5:16 spoke about. I can never be hidden no matter how hard anyone tries.

Being enlisted as an escort in the police service feels like you carry faecal waste on your body. Your colleagues treat you with so much disdain and disrespect but can you blame them? Who asked me to join the police with a JSS certificate? Again, I ask myself, if I hadn’t joined the way I did, would my 3 passes have ever gotten me in??

Am I sad or bitter by how people have treated me in the past? Certainly No. I see positivity in all adversities. Because I was constantly referred to as an escort and knowing very well I could actually read and write better than those who laughed at me, I decided to upgrade myself to the highest level and advocate for people like me across the globe.

My journey to Law School wasn’t a smooth one. As a single parent raising my son and taking care of my parents, nephews and nieces, my father became bedridden for 2 years just when I was 3 weeks at the law faculty and finally gave in to the cold hands of death on the last day I completed 2nd year. It has been a tough war financially combining all my responsibilities with law school and its financial burdens.

I have lost a lot of friends in the last 6 years since I began the study of the law. Do I blame them? No. Do I need them back in my life? I doubt. I have new ones who are genuine, supportive and not mere leeches who exploit my intelligence but speak ill of me the moment I leave their space.

To the two people who said I cannot do it, well, you have seen the results. Thank you for doubting and saying to my face that I could not do it. As you can see, I have done it and I am still, bagging more. I am God’s Favourite Girl. I don’t call myself that for nothing. I carry grace and I walk with Psalm 23 and 91. THANK YOU FOR THE CHALLENGE. I’m waiting for the next challenge.

To the beautiful people who have stood by me all these years; my family, my genuine friends, KSK, PKA, NON and all of you (you know yourselves. I say God richly bless you. I am indebted to you for life.

Special mention to my Elder sister Esther who took my son when he was just a year and a half and catered for him so I could go to law school, I say God bless you. 

To Salo my niece, my accurate timekeeper and my driving force in this struggle I say I’ve got you as long as God gives me life.

To my son Darrell N. Y. Parry, I couldn’t have asked for a more understanding son than you. You understand my struggle and you give me peace to study. May God bless you, my child.

Now to the person reading this who doubts his or her ability to go forward in life, to the one who feels like giving up on his/her dream, to the one who feels rejected, to the one who is treated with disdain, to the one whose dream others think is too big and unrealistic and cannot be achieved, my post is for you. You can do anything you set your mind on. Let the rejection from others be your driving force. Let it make you ‘angry’ like it made me and give it a try, you can do it. Trust me. 

If the girl from Breman Asikuma who only passed English, Social Studies and Christian Religious Studies in secondary school has gone against the odds to become a lawyer, you can also do it no matter how bad your results are currently. Start learning again, you can do it. I wrote remedials all by myself without classes. You can also do it.

If the girl who was enlisted as an escort in the police service can go against the stereotype, write her remedials all by herself without classes, pass them, bag two degrees and even become a lawyer, you can also do it.

If the girl who was constantly told she could not do it by people she considered close has done it, you reading this can also do. Start it, it will be tough but trust God for a perfect finish. 

I am nowhere near my dream. I still live in the barracks, I have not rented a posh place or even built my own house but I know, I will leave the barracks once the academic bills have lessened. I am still the girl who was posted to Atebubu as an escort. I am still the girl who was framed up by three diabolic senior police officers (all men) and transferred from CID headquarters to Chorkor so that I would stop attending GIMPA some 11 years ago (I forgave them a long time ago) I am still the girl whose gut is hated by people who wish they can be me because they think they are more beautiful than me and for that matter better than me.

Above all, I am God’s Favourite Girl, the girl God has shown mercy to. I am CHAIRMAN’S mother and a proud Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Ghana.

I am Detective Chief Inspector Nancy Paintsil Esq. I am a Lawyer!

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