Funny Face reunites with family: Good move but the couple should talk less

Funny Face reunites with family: Good move but the couple should talk less

It looked like a “tsunami” on social media on Monday afternoon when photo of Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face with his family for the first time in the year went viral.

Many believed that the absence of his baby mama and three children from the house was the cause of his unfortunate situation which had landed him at the psychiatric hospital following a court order.

For this reason, it was all joy to see a reunion of a seemingly divided family.

Right after the visitation, Ms Ama Vanessa , the baby mama of Funny Face who had come all the way from Kumasi started showing up on radio granting interviews.

Clearly,the media being interested in content will do everything possible to have their share in grabbing the spotlight to reach many people in the country.

They will ask the probing questions which will open up secrets and at the end result in punchy headlines. Funny Face might also come to debunk, which might lead to more problems.

It is a fact that such banters in the media had been very detrimental to their union in the past and almost ruined their beautiful home.

At this crucial time, they should refrain from media engagements and keep their secrets for the sake of their children; they should talk less.

They need to keep quiet and endure, for sanity to prevail in the relationship. There is nothing like a perfect relationship but with good heart and unity partners can make things work.

There is no law which binds celebrities to make their marital problems public, rather, they should take a cue from the past and keep their secret to themselves.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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