Ghana is shining light to the world – Montrealhene

Chief of the Ghanaian community in Montreal, Canada, Osadeoyo Kwateng Amanin, has described Ghana as shining light of Africa and the world at large, pointing to the ‘largely successful’ nature of the December 2020 elections.

He said that,negative stories were bandied all over ahead of the elections – suggesting that the country was going to plunge into war after the polls – if one party felt disgruntled with the results.

“Much as I was alarmed by such disturbing comments, I knew nothing was going to happen, given that Ghana was a peaceful country and that if anything at all, discontented parties would rather want to seek redress in court.

“Thankfully, that was what has happened and I can only urge Ghanaians – especially the youth, to continue living peacefully as they build the country,” says Osadeoyo Amanin, who doubles as the Abusuapanyin of Sunyani Krontire Abusua, back in Ghana.

He stated that the elections had limpidly demonstrated how Ghanaians, particularly the youth, could not be taken for granted any longer, citing the outcome of the parliamentary election as a strong pointer.

Nana Kwateng Amanin, however, bemoaned the loss of lives at the elections and said everything possible must be put in place to ensure that, “the country does not experience such unfortunate situation again.”

He urged the two main political parties in the country (NPP and NDC) to take lessons from the elections and move forward.

It is recalled that Nana Amanin appealed to the Ghanaian youth to vote peacefully during the December 7,2020, general elections, urging them not to allow themselves to be used by people who only sought their selfish interests.

In 2014, the Montrealhene (Nana Kwateng Amanin) with the support and encouragement from the late Nana Anane Peprah and some active members in the Ghanaian Community in  Montreal, formed the Traditional Council of Montreal, operating in the province of Quebec.

Montreal is the most populous city in the Canadian province of Quebec and the second-most populous city in Canada.

The idea of unifying the Ghanaian Community with the practice of chieftaincy, cultural and traditional practices, dates back to 1987 when the Omanhene Osadeoyo Kwateng Amanin set foot in Montreal, Quebec.

He was unanimously acclaimed by friends and citizens of Montreal as their chief with the chieftaincy title “Montrealhene.”

The Sunyani Krontire Abusuapanyin said he felt very proud to lead Ghanaians in Montreal and would continue doing everything in his capacity to help them “achieve their genuine goals.”

On September 7, 2019, he swore the oath of allegiance in public to the Ghanaian Community in Montreal, Quebec, with representatives from the Prime Minister of Canada’s Office in full attendance together with other dignitaries from the Kanawake First Nations and City Councilors in Montreal.


Osadeoyo Kwateng Amanin

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