Ghana Reads Initiative, Adwinsa Publication observe Int’l Mother Language Day

Ghana Reads Initiative, Adwinsa Publication observe Int’l Mother Language Day

Mohammed Adamu Ramadan(middle),with former Editor of The Spectator (fourth from right),

Mr Francis Assuah (second from right)a former Editor of the evening news paper and other guests

In an effort to promote indigenous languages, the Ghana Reads Initia­tive, in collaboration with Adwinsa Publication, on Wednesday observed this year’s International Mother Language Day at the Flobar School in Adenta, Accra.

The event was to underscore the importance of preserving and em­bracing local languages in Ghana.

Addressing the guests at the event, the Member of Parliament for Adenta Constituency, Mohammed Adamu Ra­madan, emphasised the significance of cherishing the languages passed down by our parents.

He dismissed the perception that fluency in English equates to intel­ligence, stressing the need to value and elevate indigenous languages.

The Headmistress of Flobar School, Sandra Addico, highlighted the broader significance of International Mother Language Day, asserting that it serves as a reminder of the rich linguistic diversity within the country.

She underscored the myriad bene­fits of language proficiency, including cultural preservation and identity formation, advocating for the in­clusion of local language literacy in Ghana’s educational curricula.

The Deputy Director of the Guid­ance and Counselling Unit of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Mad­am Olivia Owusu, echoed the call to prioritie indigenous languages.

She urged parents to instill a sense of pride in their children’s mother tongue, emphasising the potential of language proficiency to facilitate cognitive development and self-ex­pression.

The former Editor of The Spectator newspaper and chairperson of Ghana Reads Initiative, Madam Tina Aforo Yeboah, reflected on the organisa­tion’s decade-long commitment to promoting literacy through various school clubs.

She lamented Ghana’s linguistic stagnation and said it was important to revitalise indigenous languages to ensure inclusive educational access and national development.

By George Obeng Osei

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