God bless our homeland Ghana

Watching some of the events on television which were part of the 13th African Games, I saw a few award ceremonies being performed for deserving athletes. 

As part of the award ceremonies, National anthems were played for the winners of the various events at the award podium. While listening to the anthems being played a lot of thoughts, started running through my mind. 

One of them was how blessed we are as a country, as our national anthem which is basically a prayer to God states.  My wind went to a social media post I read and the narrative the writer gave concerning the tribal, religious harmony and the general peace we enjoy as a nation.

We are one of the few countries in West Africa that enjoy peace within a troubled region, rife with insecurity.  We are one of the few countries within the sub-region with religious harmony such that Christians join Muslims in celebrating their holidays. 

In our country, a Muslim chief Imam is on record to have donated funds towards the construction of a Christian Cathedral.  It is common occurrence for Muslims to attend Christian programmes when invitations are extended to them. 

In fact our current Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia who is a Muslim, frequently attends church programmes and quote the Bible as a demonstration of religious tolerance. In our second cycle schools, Muslims attend Christian schools and vice versa. 

Such is the beauty of our religious tolerance.  Riding in a taxi some time ago, a Muslim lady sitting beside me, wearing her hijab, was singing along with the Ga Christian song being played on the radio in the taxi.  It was a sight to behold.

Some people always want to dwell on the negatives and tend to view the glass as half-empty instead of seeing it as half-full.  Do we have incidences of violence or crime in this country?

The answer is yes but does that constitute a widespread insecurity in the country, clearly it is a big no.  They say figures do not lie. 

Check the crime statistics of countries across Africa and you would realise that God has answered our prayer of God bless our homeland Ghana. 

In Nigeria recently, a school has been raided and hundreds of students kidnapped.  Kidnapping is rampant but the regular Nigerian, is very proud of his or her country despite the challenges confronting their society. 

This is what I would like Ghanaians to appreciate and adopt a positive attitude of patriotism for mother Ghana.

One of the issues which stuck in my mind was when the South African anthem was being played in honour of a South African athlete who had won the Gold medal in one of the events.

The South African anthem is in two parts, one part is in Swahili and the other part in English.  After the Swahili part was played, for whatever the reason, it was truncated and the look on the face of the South African athlete was one of incredulity. 

It was a look of a mixture of shock, disappointment and anger.  This clearly was a display of patriotism for his country.  This is what I am praying for, that every Ghanaian will develop this attitude towards the country. 

We have so much in common and that is what we must focus on.  Look at the way we inter marry.  People from different tribes intermarry. 

Fufu which is an Akan food is now one of the favourite meals for most Ghanaians.  In fact, it is one of the favourite meals of the Oti region, formerly northern part of Volta Region.

Let us cherish what we have and be grateful to God that he has indeed blessed our homeland Ghana.

Laud Kissi- Mensah

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