Good personal hygiene is important

Personal hygiene is a health issue that cannot be taken for granted so all people, adults and children included, must keep to pleasant personal care.

When the body is kept clean, we are able to prevent diseases from coming our way. This means that we need to take our bath regularly in the morning and evening.

If this is not done, sickness will set in and the result will be going to the hospital for medical care. When this happens, precious time will be spent on avoidable activities such as hospital attendance.

In addition, some money will also be spent on medicine and this goes to show that we need to be careful with our personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene is not just regular bathing, both morning and evening. It also includes regular washing and ironing of clothes before wearing them.

Again, various parts of the body ought to be kept clean. When people carry bad odour on their bodies, they drive away their friends and neighbours. Apart from that, people may find it difficult to come close to such people.

In the case of married couples, one of the partners may be driven away because of unpleasant scent. This can bring problems in the marriage.

One of such problems may be unfaithfulness on the part of one of the partners. The partner who is not happy may go out to seek companionship with another person outside the marriage.

Similarly, all people, both young and old or married and unmarried should ensure that they brush their teeth regularly both morning and evening to ensure good breath. These are little things that are often overlooked but very important in ensuring quality friendship and relationships.

It is for this reason that personal hygiene must be considered very important by all people, whether young or old. If every person keeps to this attitude and behaviour, it will help us develop good relationship as well as quality friendship with people around us.

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