Goose waits outside clinic while mate undergoes surgery

Veterinarians treating a wild Canadian goose were in for a surprise when its mate visited and stood by the glass door through the entire period of surgery.

The New England Wildlife Centre’s branch in Massachusetts, US, said it found the goose, who they refer to as Arnold, limping near a pond and decided to take it in for a check-up at its backyard hospital.

The staff discovered two fractures on Arnold’s foot that threatened its survival. As they prepped the goose for surgery, they heard a “feint tapping at the clinic door”, the wildlife centre said.

Arnold’s mate was agitated that it could not get inside” to see the other goose on the operation table.
“It remained there throughout the entire procedure, watching us work, never moving from the doorway,” the centre said in a Facebook post.

The hospital staff then decided to let Arnold recover near the door so that it could be close to its mate. —
Cop helps man, daughter to safety amid heavy rain

Heavy rain lashed Mumbai and adjoining areas leading to inundated roads, suspension of local trains and damage to property.

With red alert being sounded in parts of the city, people had been explicitly advised not to move out in the open. But for those who had been left stranded by the rain, a police came to the rescue.

The police department shared a video in which an officer was seen guiding a man and his daughter through an inundated road as heavy rain continued to lash.

Police said that the man was injured and was with his daughter on the heavily flooded road when the officer came to their aid.

A number of social media users thanked the police force for their contribution to keeping citizens safe in such trying times. —

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