GPRTU must regulate ‘trotro’ fares in Accra, Kumasi

GPRTU must regulate ‘trotro’ fares in Accra, Kumasi

A mate taking fare in the commercial vehicle

 Dear Editor,

The escalating lorry fares to various destinations, particularly in Accra and Kumasi, have raised concerns among commuters. The local ‘trotro’ drivers, responsible for these commercial vehi­cles, are imposing varying fares on passengers, con­tributing to an inconsistent pricing landscape.

In both Accra and Kumasi, the disparities in lorry fares charged by different mates have become apparent.

For instance, on the route from Malejor school junction to Amanfrom in Accra, some mates charge GHȻ4.00, while others settle for GHȻ3.00.

There are similar incon­sistencies in Kumasi as well where drivers’ mates on the route from Tech Junction to Campus charges with differ­ent fares.

This situation raises valid concerns about transparency and fairness in determining lorry fares, impacting com­muters who may find them­selves subject to arbitrary pricing.

I want to appeal to the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) to promptly address this issue by taking effective measures to rectify the disparities.

In tackling these inconsis­tencies in lorry fares, the GPRTU has an opportunity to contribute to a more organ­ised and equitable transpor­tation system for passengers in Accra and Kumasi.

I urge the GPRTU to take steps to regulate lorry fares and establish a fair and consistent fare structure that aligns with the best interests of commuters.

James Boahen Nyarko Akwasi


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