Mr Emmanuel Kamara. You have been a wonderful and an honest friend since we met at the Ashesi University. I appreciate you for the fact that you are always there for me. It gives me much joy to be associated with you all these years. I thank God for the blessings and wish you many happy years ahead!

Belated happy birthday. 

From: Mathew Ndekudugu Remedy

Mrs Melissa Amani Mesroame I thank God on the occasion of your birthday. I wish to put on record my love and concern for you. Remain an amazing CEO of Lolo Yoghurt. Belated happy birthday.

From: Carlyn Mariborn

 Shepherd Akakpo.  I thank God for granting you the peace to celebrate another birthday. Be assured that your selfless nature and love for God will lift you to unimaginable heights in life. God bless you dear. Belated happy birthday.

From:  Cakewura

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