He demands l abort pregnancy

Dear ObaaYaa,
We first met at a funeral and fell in love with each other. During the period, he made a lot of promises including his willingness to marry me no matter the obstacles.
I had a miscarriage which nearly caused my life but through the mercy of God, my life has been spared.
Exactly one year after this incident, l got pregnant again but he is demanding l abort the pregnancy because he is not prepared to look after a family. He had told me not to inform my parents that l was pregnant. His insistence that l should abort the pregnancy has resulted in a misunderstanding between us. He has stopped paying me visits and would not call to find out how l am doing. He asked me not to tell my parents that l was pregnant but after three months,my fear is that they will get to know very soon.
I am worried and devastated. What should l do?
Francisca, Accra.

Dear Francisca,

You are not the first person to complain about this and will definitely not be the last. This problem occurs in most relationships and lovers should be aware that so long as they indulge in sex, pregnancy will take place. Since he has called for the tune, he must be prepared to dance according to the music.
Though you have not indicated how old you are, l suggest you disclose this news to your parents. Your parents will be enraged about your behaviour, they must know this so that they can advise you and provide you the needed support.

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