He is not dependable

Dear Obaa Yaa,

Having met the first time at a party and talked extensively, we exchanged telephone numbers and the conversation continued from there.

Like an interesting music which is played repeatedly, the lovely chats continued until we reached a stage where we could not stay a day without hearing a word from each other.

I thought things would continue the way it started but unfortunately certain characteristics showed their ugly heads and suspicion took the better part of us.

Within the period that we had been close, l discovered that certain movements and pronouncements he had made were not consistent with some plans we had agreed on for execution.

Unfortunately, a friend informed me that she saw my boyfriend at a particular spot with a lady and that was not the first time.

Luckily, l had spoken about him to this friend of mine, but he was not aware.

Three months later, my female friend informed me that the lady my boyfriend had been visiting was three months pregnant and the girl’s parents were very angry.

Though l have planned to pull out of the relationship, he has denied any knowledge of this girl’s pregnancy when l enquired from him. Should l go ahead or pardon him for the sake of love.

Ohene Nana, Accra.

Dear Ohene Nana,

You have to thank God for the information which has come at the time you are not pregnant, a situation which could have prevented you from severing links with this gentleman.   

This guy could ruin your future if you continue the relationship with him.

Though you love him, forget about him since he can use tricks to win your love back.

Concentrate on whatever you are doing until you are ready to marry.

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