He keeps harassing me

I am a 26-year-old girl in a tertiary institution with the optimism to excel in my academic programme.

Unfortunately, a married man who is a friend to a cousin of mine has been harassing me every day. Though this man is married with three children, he has been showering expensive gifts on me in a bid to entice me to go out with him.

Though he had offered to sponsor me to read a professional course, l was not interested and l had made myself clear to him, yet he would not listen to me.I have the conviction that accepting such offers could lead to unacceptable demands from him.

Since this man is married, l am confused and would not like to fall in love with a married man to ruin my future eventually.

Kindly help me out of this problem before l commit myself.

Linda, Takoradi.

Dear Linda,

The inference that you would not like to fall in love with a married man speaks volumes and you must stick to that.

Your decision not to accept gifts from this man because of the consequences is equally good and l wished all young girls would be fast to read through the evil plans of some men.

The possibility of using your cousin to achieve his aim is also great, for that matter, you must be careful not to fall a victim to his scheming.

Can you imagine the embarrassment you will give yourself if this man’s wife gets to know about a romance between you and her husband?

Since your desire is to do all within your power to excel academically, you must endeavour to study hard and refrain from impediments which are likely to come your way.

I wish you well.

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