His ex-wife calls at odd hours

Dear Obaa Yaa,

My present husband had a child with another woman before we were married. I had no problem with that. In fact, the child is even living with his mother but this woman calls at odd hours to make request for money which is very annoying to me.

I spoke to my husband and she arranged for a particular time and place where such monies would be given to her but she never keeps to the time.

I know she just enjoys disturbing me.

I cannot stand her telephone calls anymore.

Victoria D.D,



Dear Victoria,

Maybe you and your husband will have to find another way to get her remitted before you grab the phone. Why don’t you get someone to get the money to her at home early in the morning regularly each month to stop her from calling you?

Other suitable methods can also be adopted to get her remitted without much sweat. Figure it out, suggest it to your husband and you will have your peace for good.

If your husband can also get her to call at decent hours only, that could also be good.

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