His outburst scares me

Dear Obaa Yaa,

We have been in friendship close to seven months and things have been going on smoothly to my delight.

He has very good looks, fine disposition, very accommodating and has promised that he would do all within his means to marry me.

Unfortunately, l have discovered another side of him which has frightened me to the marrow.

Recently, there was a little misunderstanding between him and a friend of his. The exchanges between the two gentlemen were serious.

Though my fiancé had been wrongly accused of the issue which triggered the misunderstanding, he has vowed never to forgive the gentleman involved.

Finally, the two intimate friends who did almost everything together are no more talking to each other. Some of their colleagues had attempted to settle   the matter, but without success.

Eventually, the matter is in court and judgement is yet to be delivered.

Being the calm person that l am, and for the fact that l cannot stand quarrels of such magnitude, l have made up my mind to end the relationship since l cannot tell when a powerful ‘axe’ of this sort will land on my head to embarrass me.

l have taken my decision  but l would like to listen to your opinion on this matter.

Aba, Cape Coast.

Dear Aba,

I would like to commend you for the bold initiative you have taken to decide on your future irrespective of the flamboyant gentleman of your heart.

A period for courtship is an occasion for two love birds to study each other, be satisfied and equally prepared to handle the shortcomings or challenges of your partner.

The would-be -couple must come to the realisation that they are compatible and for that matter can live together.

This is not a period to indulge in sex, because taking such a position would prevent one from taking definitive decision,  if one would like to back out of the relationship. 

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