Homowo climax: Otublohum Dadeban Naa calls for unity and progress

Homowo climax: Otublohum Dadeban Naa calls for unity and progress

• Nii Adjabeng Ankrah II sprinkling kpokpoi

The Otublohum Dadeban Naa, a traditional division of the Ga State in the Greater Accra Region has marked this year’s Homowo in unity under the auspices of the Supreme Head of MantseAnkrah Royal Family, Nii Adjabeng Ankrah II.

Some palace guards leading the procession

As part of Ga Mashie Homowo celebration, all the seven divisions of Ga Mashie comprising Otublohum, Asere, Gbese, Abola, Sempe, Akumajean and Ngleshie Alata also known as Jamestown marked the festival last Saturday to jointly “hoot at hunger”which means Homowo in the Ga language.

People from various divisions joined the celebration

Homowo is a festival celebrated by the Gas who in their quest for harmonious location, died of hunger on their way from Israel, Egypt, Sudan, Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Togo until they reached their final destination “Akra” popularly known as Accra.

NiiAdjabenAnkrah II said that peace was an important element for the progress of the Ga State, and for the indigenes to live as one people with a common agenda for both human and infrastructural development.

He sprinkled “kpokpoi” a traditional meal used for celebrating the festival on the streets of Ga Mashieto acknowledge the dead who fought for stability and peace.

Nii Adjabeng Ankrah II led another sprinkling of “kpokpoi” at the Mantse Ankrah Royal Mausoleum of Otublohum Dadeban-Naa which recently received a facelift at North Kaneshie, Accra.

The principal streets of North and South Industrial areas in Accra which belong to Otublohumwere also sprinkled with “kpokpoi” as custom demanded.

Nii Adjabeng Ankrah II, who would mark his sixth anniversary in November 2022 on the stool has been phenomenal in settling disputes, among others.

Diplomats, tourists and people from all walks of life were present to witness the Otublohum Dadeban-Naa Homowo 2022 celebration.

Principal Elder of Mantse Ankrah Royal Family, MrNiiAyiAnkrah, told the public not to associate the celebration of Homowo with diabolic meanings because it was a tradition to be cherished by generations.

“We need to hold onto our culture in order to see a progressive Ga State because the Ga people have rich cultural norms that need to be cherished and preserved,” he said.

By Alfred Nii Arday Ankrah

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