How Dansoman influenced Akosua Adjepong’s career

How Dansoman influenced Akosua Adjepong’s career

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Musician Akosua Adjepong has revealed how the area she lived in during her school days influenced her career.

The energetic musician says she used to go to a nightclub in Dansoman when they come to spend the long vacation with her mom.

Her aim was not to drink or smoke but learn the new trending dance moves.

Speaking on EVIBES on JoyNews with Becky, the ‘Frema’ hitmaker said that her frequent visits to these spots sparked her interest in the creative industry.

“When we got to secondary school, we had to move to our mum’s place because a woman had to make sure you know everything about womanhood because you are in the secondary school, things will be changing so we had to be with our mum.”

“Anytime we come home during the long vacation, we make sure we go to Catalac to go and watch the latest movies. There was a nightclub called Mystic. My mum’s children, we don’t smoke and we don’t drink but we go to Mystic to see the ladies’ dance moves,” she explained.

According to Akosua Agyapong, they used to learn these new dance moves so they could display their dancing skills when they go back to school.

“So we go there to learn new dance moves and by the time we go to school, you will realize someone already knows it, then you engage the person, So, that’s why we used to go to Mystic. So we go there to see the latest dance moves.”

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