How I wish I could predict the future

 Dear Obaa Yaa,

 I have been through thick and thin since I came across my love before I completed SHS. It was a smooth journey I must confess until I got preg­nant with him and his behav­ior toward me changed.

I went the length and breadth of the world just to make my guy happy but I guess this guy took my leni­ency for my weakness. Truth be told, he was financially challenged so I decided to help him with the little I had, all this while my parents advised me not to date the guy but I never heeded their advice because I was deeply in love with him. My parents abandoned me after I got pregnant. I finally came to a realization that he was taking advantage of the love I have for him.

After all, the blames, and maltreatment, not to mention but a few I had admission into one of the renowned univer­sities in the country and this guy warned me not to go or else he will break up with me and sack me from his home. I am now back against the wall and don’t know what to do. Should I forfeit going to school so that I can stay with him or go to school and then have no home on vacation since my parents have abandoned me?

Ewurabena, Manfe-Akro­pong, Eastern Region.

Dear Ewurabena,

It’s unfortunate that your parents have abandoned you, but I am very happy that you are considering to further your education. I advise that you get some elderly people who know your parents and let them lead you to apologise so that they can accept you and help you especially now that you are pregnant, your mother would be of immense help. You should not choose the gentleman over your parents especially when he exhibits such bad character traits. Be firm at this point in your life, go back to your par­ents, seek education and get your life on a right path.

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