How to make your man feel special

How to make your man feel special

Repair the broken item for him

Fix something for him, so the repair doesn’t require him to endure the hassle of doing it himself. It doesn’t need to be anything major such as getting the brakes on his car.  The fix could be as easy as having that drill repaired or replacing the damaged battery of the watch.

As men are known to forget all the tasks they have to do at the final minute, he’ll be grateful to you for doing the work for him, because despite having to, he is aware that he’ll never complete everything he’s got to. In addition, he’ll be thinking of you each time he makes use of the things you’ve repaired for him and boast about the competent and trustworthy girlfriend you are to all his buddies.

Make him feel special by inviting him on a date

It’s typically him who surprises you with new date ideas, So why not try to surprise him? Both of you have been working all week, and when the weekend comes around and you can turn his invitation to dinner at an expensive hotel off and instead invite him to your home to eat dinner.

Do not inform him of your plans beforehand and let him be caught completely off guard by the efforts you put into planning an unforgettable evening with great food, candles, and his favourite music.

Buy him flowers

Another reason is why it has to be that he showers you with presents and flowers? You can break the tradition by taking flowers to him personally or any other type of plant that can ease some tension and bring it to his office. Men love flowers- they also have a sense of scent (no matter how they are).

Bring food to him in his home

Nothing says “I love you” more than as much as steaming Papa John’s pizza, or buying an ice bucket filled with his favourite flavour of Ben & Jerry’sV, because haven’t we all ever heard of it? The path to a man’s heart lies through the stomach.

Make sure to find something on his bucket list and do it for him

We all had bucket lists as children that we never got around to finishing, so find the one you have and then set your sights to achieve something. For instance, you could watch the sunset or lie in the night with him. He’ll not forget going the extra mile to achieve something you wanted to do badly.

Find the ingredients for his most-loved cocktail and have them waiting when he returns home

Sometimes just a drink will suffice to relax and let his mind drift off after a tiring working day. And his preferred drink can make the experience more enjoyable.

Take a day off

A day or two later, without reason whatsoever, you’ll take a sick call and encourage him to take a sick call also so that both of you can have a day watching films together, eating food at a restaurant, and spending time with each other.

Write him a note

Make notes to him and put them in his pocket or in his day planner so that he can locate them later and be reminded of the person who wrote them. As cheesy as it sounds, however, the right words could assist him in navigating difficult days.


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