Hype-flex hosts ‘park and watch’

Hype-flex hosts ‘park and watch’

A movie roadshow to entertain patrons amid COVID-19 restrictions has been organised in Accra.

Dubbed “Park N Watch”, the event allowed patrons to drive into the large open space, park their cars and get connected to watch the movie on the projected screen whilst still sitting in their cars.

It was organised by Hype-flex, a subsidiary of Hype Up Limited, a marketing and advertising company in Accra.

In addition to creating a comprehensive movie house or cinema experience, the patrons are served edibles to enable them chill out as they enjoy the movies.

Social Media Manager, Hype. Up, Abba Manu, indicated that the concept was to provide the best way to practise social distancing whilst entertaining oneself.

“You come in your car to the park, we have a screen showing movies and you are connected to watch from your car, but we are looking at adding more to make it more interesting. We are looking at adding football matches, boxing and other sporting activities,”

“What makes it different from a normal theatre or cinema is that there is little or no contact at all among the people who come to entertain themselves,” she said.

The event, she said, was an innovative contactless means of entertainment which must be embraced and considered the new normal since the pandemic was not leaving anytime soon.

The social distancing protocol, Ms Manu said, had provided the right environment for the initiative which started late 2019 prior to the outbreak of the disease.

She said the event was expected to become a regular weekend programme to provide movie lovers the opportunity to enjoy their favourite movies and would be extended to other locations across Accra.

The event provided the organisers the opportunity to sensitise patrons on COVID-19 safety protocols including wearing of nose masks, washing and sanitising hands regularly, among others.

By Claude Nyarko Adams

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