I am afraid of getting married

 I am afraid of getting married the third child of my par­ents, a graduate and 27 years old. Though I am working and have the means to cater for a family of my own, I am afraid of getting married because my two elderly brothers are suffering from broken marriages.

Their weddings were good in the beginning but could not go beyond four years.

The traumatic experience one of them had nearly resulted in a serious health problem.

This predicament is putting fears in me not to marry. Unfor­tunately, most of my colleagues have married and developing their families but I am at a standstill.

For this reason l would like to remain single to free myself from this problem. Despite my decision, I am waiting for your advice to help guide my deci­sion.

Kwame, Tema.

Dear Kwame,

Though it is good to study current developments in your family to guide your future, we have different opportunities, circumstances and challenges in life that people go through. Things happen for different reasons and each person is dif­ferent.

It was a coincidence that your brothers had this problem, and this should not put fears into you.

The circumstances under which your brothers operated will definitely be different from yours so have a changed mind­set, remain positive and venture into marriage its benefits.

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