I can’t tell who owns this pregnancy

Dear ObaaYaa,

It was quite interesting and l thought l was smart enough to maintain two male friends. One was a student from a wealthy family and the other a renowned and generous businessman who did not feel reluctant to provide for my close friends at school.

I must confess that l played the game in such a clean manner that either men did not know l was cuckolding them. Being a student in the university, I took advantage of my flexible lecture periods to enjoy playing with these two gentlemen.   

Though my close friends were uncomfortable and complained about the double game l played, l did not mind them but continued.

l was  delighted playing my cards to perfection in outwitting them.

Unfortunately, luck has run out on me and l am pregnant without no ideaof the one who owns the pregnancy.

My headache is, ‘who owns the pregnancy since l do meet both men on daily basis?’


Dear Maame,

You should have known from the outset that there is a price to pay for everything that one does and nothing is permanent on earth.

You are in an embarrassed state now because if the two men discover that you have played games with them over the period, they will not take kindly to it and you stand the danger of being rejected by both of them.

Though the determination of paternity of the child can be done easily, you should consider the embarrassment you will face before reaching this decision. 

This pregnancy is a lesson to you that it pays to live a good life.

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