I intend to quit marriage

He was a devout Christian who carried out his activities with zeal and to the admiration of the lecturers and students in the institute.  

Without mincing words, l developed deep love for him and wished l could be his special friend to make me stand tall among the rest of the female students.  

In school, other students discussed their liking for this senior of ours and there was not a single person who said anything bad about his character.

As fate would have it, this student lost his school Identification Card and the message went round but it could not be found anywhere.

I went home to pick up provisions my parents bought for me when my mother showed me an ID card that had been found in town and enquired from me if l could trace the owner in my school.

I screamed the loudest to inform my mother that the owner was one of our school mates. This discovery marked the beginning of our friendship which lasted three years without any misunderstanding between us.

I receive his call one afternoon that he would like to accompany me to the house after close of work. Shortly after he had arrived in my office, there came a downpour which lasted more than four hours and claimed many lives.

Terrified by the havoc the rain had caused and the fear of the unknown, he suggested that l should spend the night in his apartment for my safety.

Unfortunately, in the night, he could not hold unto his moral principles while l also gave in suddenly to his sexual demands.  l got pregnant, became sick in the process and had to pass through series of challenges.   

Terrified initially, he later came to perform the marriage rites and promised to follow up with wedding when conditions improved.

Surprisingly, his character has changed after l was delivered of my child. He has refused to support me in any way and failed to heed my calls to assist in educating the child.

I was shocked to the marrow to discover that my husband has a three-year-old male child and he pays frequent visits to the family.

In shame, he has confirmed the story after l had provided further details.

I am taken aback by this new development and contemplating ending the marriage.

Will l be right in carrying out this plan?


Dear Akua,

You should be worried about how this ‘angel’ of yours who you cherished in the past has transformed, the circumstances under which you got pregnant and why he is treating you like this.

Kindly remain calm and maintain your life in the modest way possible. It is likely that he is passing through inexplicable challenges and should be given sometime to straighten up his life.

It is too early to throw in the towel. Time will definitely tell.

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