I want to propose to him

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I recently met this handsome and charming gentleman when I visited a particular church in Cape Coast. Throughout the service, my attention went on this guy who I perceived to be an active member of the church.

I had no idea why every movement he made caught my attention. And the fact that he was not wearing a ring suggested to me that he was single.

At the end of the service, the pastor asked all new visitors to stand up to be welcomed by the congregation so I joined the many others that had come for the first time.

And once again, this guy led the members that came to welcome us. The moment he said welcome to church my sister, his nice and composed voice sent shivers down my spine.

Fast forwarding, I have known this guy for some time now and we have become very close friends. I am hoping that he would one day express interest in me.

But when that day would come is what I don’t know now. As a single guy and very friendly, affable and attractive, I fear a daring girl feeling the same way about him could do the unthinkable of expressing her feelings for him.

I am thinking about asking his mind about me but I fear if it does not work, it could ruin our friendship. I need help please.

Micheline, Cape Coast


Dear Micheline,

This is an interesting story and I must say that it is normal for a young lady like you to have feelings for a man you find at­tractive. Love is actually a beautiful thing but it is sad if you cannot express it.

The guy would not know you have feelings for him if you do not tell him about it. I always advise people to always be open and ap­proach people when they feel something for them or have a problem with them.

If you have feelings for him, approach him and express it to him. Do not be shy. Feel free and say whatever is on your heart to him.

If he turns you down, do not feel bad or hate him for that; just take it easy and accept his decision in good faith.

I wish you all the best dear, stay blessed.

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