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Arun knew that his car was due for some repairs since he was very happy with its performance of late. He discovered certain grinding noises and knew they were indications of some major trouble. But Arun kept postponing the trip to the service station citing lack of time.

Mohan, the mechanic was actually worried for Arun because he knew it was only a minor job if looked into immediately. He warned Arun that it could land him in trouble if it was left unattended to.

In spite of all these warnings, Arun did nothing to rectify those minor repairs and went on with his works.

And that was exactly what happened one evening when he was coming back home after picking his children from school.

He was driving his car with his children inside playing among them. Arun also enjoyed the joyful tendency of his children. As he was driving along the road, an event happened suddenly.

There was a sharp sound and the brakes of the car failed suddenly. The car came to a stop after crashing a tree. The car was damaged extensively.

The children were hurt and had to be taken to the doctor. Arun realised that a major calamity had been averted and was lucky that something worse had not happened.

If Arun had attended to the problem in the car he could have avoided the situation he faced now. It would have also saved him the tension and trouble caused by the loss of money, property (damage to the car) and health.

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