I’m stuck in between

I am 28 years old and dating a 38-year-old woman. We started off well. The connection was great but as time went on, I realised she was a perfectionist and wanted to be right all the time.

She talks to old friends and sometimes flirts with them but becomes suspicious of any call I receive. She acts like she loves me but I once read a message on her phone where she described me as a ‘small boy” to another person.

My composure towards her has not been the same since I saw the message. Now I am in love with a younger lady who is my age mate but she is not as caring, loving and sexually active as the older woman I am seeing now. It feels like I am stuck in between. What should I do?

Worried Nana Yaw.

Dear Nana Yaw,

You shot yourself in the foot by reading messages on your sugar mummy’s mobile phone. It appears, from your narrative that you are in the relationship because of the sexual gratification you get from your “older woman”. 

Examine your current relationship to determine if you really love your sugar mummy.  If your responses are negative, you need to re-adjust and define the kind of relationship you want for yourself. Bear in mind that a healthy relationship goes beyond sexual gratification.

Walk out if you are not happy with your sugar mummy and pay more attention to your younger girlfriend and see where the road would lead both of you to.

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