Involve all card bearing members in parliamentary, presidential primaries.

National Youth for Peace is calling on all political parties, Electoral Commission (EC), Centre for Democratic Development (CDD), Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) and other stakeholders to prevail upon the various political parties to involve all card bearing members of their political parties in electing their parliamentary and presidential candidates.

National Youth for Peace is making this call due to the following:

1.     We believe it will stop the corruption in our politics and elections.

2.     It will help political parties know the total number of card bearing members

3.     It will also help the parties to know and accept any outcome of internal election since they know the actual members of the party

 Our parliamentary and presidential elections is such that if you do not have money, you cannot be a parliamentarian or president since only few people have money to bribe the delegates they continue to stay in Parliament, which cannot help us as a nation.

We have many people who can help shape the nation in a better way if they got the opportunity to serve as MPs but since they have no money to bribe the delegates, they never show up.

We have noticed that no man in this country can bribe the entire card bearing members of a party and this will bring sanity, decency and discipline into the nation’s politics which can also put an end to the numerous curses we witness as a nation during elections.

 We are also urging the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), National Security Minister, BNI and Chief Justice not to hesitate to prosecute anyone who will makes any unpleasant statement that will bring chaos, civil war or turmoil in the nation.

Such people could be put behind bars and released after the 2020 elections without trial.

 Irrespective of who the person is, whether a pastor, a chief, a politician, etc, doing this will stop war drums from sounding during election.      

Timothy Antwi-Otoo [Braa Timoo]

Editor/Producer, Media General Group
 [Onua 95.1FM & TV3 New Day]

Accra, Ghana

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