Is he giving me false hope?

Dear Obaa Yaa

I started dating a young man about four months ago. He is 35 years and I am 25 years.  He has separated from his wife before we met. He told me he wanted to divorce his wife and settle down with me but he could not finalise the divorce procedures due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Recently he told me we should keep our relationship private until further notice, and that not even his friends should know about our relationship. He introduces me as a cousin anytime we step out and insists we can only make the relationship public after he completely divorces his wife.

It has been several months and the divorce has still not happened. Now I am beginning to think that he is only giving me false hopes. Should I continue to hold on or quit?

Yaayaa, Odumase.

Dear Yaayaa,

Some divorce procedures, indeed, take some time so you may hold on for a while if you love your man. But if your instincts are becoming too strong, then you should advise yourself appropriately, especially if the divorce is not happening.

He has separated from his wife but not divorced. He can still go back to her at anytime. To some extent, this man may be giving you flimsy excuses so he can continue having his way with you.

As long as the divorce is not complete, you cannot claim him so reduce the time you spend with him and let him finish resolving his marital issues. Proceed only when the road is clear.

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