Is something wrong with our meeting place?        

Dear Obaa Yaa, 

We met at a bar, exchanged telephone numbers, commenced chats and this has resulted in marriage.

Having been blessed with two beautiful children, my wife’s character has changed and this has made me sad.

Attempts made by friends to advise her to change her character, have even made the situation worse.

My wife has suddenly become very quarrelsome and finds faults with everything l do and quarrels with other people with the least issue.

What could be the reason for her behaviour? Could it be due to the place we met the first time or what?

Joseph, Accra.

Dear Joseph,

Though the place you met the first time could be the underlying factor in her change in behaviour, there could be other factors.

The youth who grow up in the streets finally become uncouth and sometimes very difficult to handle.

Since you have two children in the marriage, you must let tolerance play a greater part in your lives.

Additionally, find out whether the problem is coming from you.   

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