Is this nude picture for me?

Obaa Yaa,

We have been married for close to three years now and my hus­band has never sent me his nude picture before, not even when we were dating and stayed apart but now that we stay together he did.

He recently sent me his nude picture and am baffled by his actions. This act of his has got me thinking recently that my husband might be cheating on me.

I don’t know why my husband will start sending me nude pictures now that we stay together. It is possible he was sending it to someone and it mis­takenly came to me instead.

I am beginning to lose the trust I have in my husband and his love for me.

Should I confront him about it or act like I don’t know what he has done and see how things turn out?

I need your advice please.

Celestina, Amasaman.


Dear Celestina,

It is regrettable that this is happening to you. First of all, I would advise you to confront your husband on the nude picture he sent to you in a calm and low tone. It could be that he wasn’t sending it to anyone but it mistakenly came to you.

Your husband wouldn’t send you his nude pictures when he is living with you in the same room and share the same bed intentionally.

Don’t keep a problem to yourself and be assuming but rather inhabit the practice of confrontation and talk to him.

I hope this goes on well, all the best to you dear.

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